Top 10 Reasons to Partner with Wrightway LTC Pharmacy

1. Dependability - When you need us, we're there, and fast too!

2. Loyalty - We become YOUR pharmacy, and support your facility as if we're right there on your team.

3. Expertise - Our pharmacists and support staff are credentialed and trained specifically in geriatric pharmacology and skilled nursing issues, we've poised our practice to cater specifically to your care setting.

4. Experience - Our team boasts well over 100 years of experience in the healthcare industry.

5. Service - Our customer service is second to none, we're confident you'll agree when you partner with us!

6. Advocacy - For the tough matters you encounter, we're there to advise a wise course of action.

7. Speed - We have a smaller service region when compared to our competition. We've done this to not spread ourselves too thin and to keep the quality of care and turnaround time for acutely needed therapies top notch.

8. Efficiency - Overhead is concerning to every healthcare entity, we bring major efficiencies to your facility through our totally paperless eMAR and multi-dose adherence packaging (MedPack). Our systems reduce medpass times, improve medpass safety, and reduce your facility's liability in patient care across the board.

9. Diversity - As a pharmacy, our company does it all. Either within Wrightway LTC Pharmacy, or from one of our sister retail stores at Wagner, we offer sterile and non-sterile compounding, managed care and disease state management programs, and a multitude of additional value programs.

10. Depth - Unlike most LTC practices, we have the depth to manage your residents as they transition to and from different tiers of care. Be it skilled, intermediate, home, or med-management style care, we've got the depth to give you peace of mind during your resident's transitions of care, even at discharge.