QuickMAR: Medication Administration Record - Clinton, Lyons, Sterling

Connectivity....that's what drives healthcare now. Wrightway LTC Pharmacy understands this and has invested in a fully paperless Medication Administration Record called QuickMAR. QuickMAR is interfaced with our pharmacy database and shares Patient Information in a HIPAA/HITECH compliant manner. With the use of QuickMAR software presription services have never been more efficient. Unlike conventional methods of processing information via human verification, QuickMAR software reduces the possibility of human error through barcoding technology, while also saving your facility's nursing staff both time and energy.

QuickMAR: Medication Administration Record - Clinton, Lyons, Sterling

How can QuickMAR improve facilities?

Reduce Med Errors

  • Meds appear only when they are due
  • Alerts remind you if you miss a med
  • Bar code scanning ensures you pick the right meds
  • You are reminded when PRN follow-ups are due
  • Reports show results and help spot problems
  • Resident photo ensures right resident

QuickMAR guides you through the med pass

  • Meds appear only when due
  • Instructions are easy to read
  • Visual cues let you know who has had their meds and who has not

Communicate Changes Easily

  • Schedule upcoming med changes, they appear or disappear on schedule
  • Recent changes are flagged in the med pass
  • Gatekeeper feature requires you to acknowledge order changes
  • Changes come automatically from your pharmacy partner (Pro version only)

Save time—up to 50% on large med passes

  • Bar codes and scanner let you quickly pick the right meds
  • Record results in just a few clicks
  • Exceptions noted with one click
  • PRNs recorded easily

Rich Reporting Features

  • Spot missed meds
  • Find meds given later or earlier than scheduled
  • Identify PRNs not followed-up on
  • Print clean MARs that are easy to read
  • Print a current Physician’s Orders (PO) report when needed