Wrightway Chronic Care

Medication Management Solution for Home Healthcare Providers

At Wrightway, we deal strictly with patients whose needs are chronic and prolonged, and realize that an effective pharmacy partner is essential in meeting their daily needs. To answer an increased need in our local community, we've founded a program that is designed to care for those who are well enough to remain in their home, but need assistance from caretakers or nursing staff. Be it a patient being discharged from a medication management program simply in need of a helping hand from the pharmacy in medication organization, or a home-bound patient whose nursing caretakers have limited time to organize medications for proper use, Wrightway's Chronic Care program is key to positive health-related medication outcomes.

A Medication Management Solution for Home Healthcare Providers

Wrightway Chronic Care is a medication management program that leverages medication synchronization, the expertise of clinically trained pharmacists, and our timely delivery service to harmonize patient care in the home setting.
Our goals are primarily outcome based, and we work towards keeping the client healthy and remaining in their home as long as possible, however we recognize the synergy between this program and home health agencies, and work to collaborate with nursing staff in the field to reduce their workload, and be an effective partner that allows them more time to do their job and meet the patient’s needs, because we reduce time spent on medication management.
Wrightway’s Chronic Care program was designed to serve clients who do not require 24/7 nursing care, and can remain in their home, but need additional assistance in medication management. We primarily serve seniors, those with chronic illness, and those with intellectual disabilities, however we are open to serving any patient who has the need.
Patient enrollment requires a thorough patient history, so our clinical pharmacists can adequately perform a medication review, and assess it for safety and efficacy. We work with the home care nursing staff involved in the patient’s care, and determine what times of administration are best for the patient, and we arrange the medications, sequentially by date and time, in our MedPacks.
MedPacks are multi-drug-adherence packaging, designed to enhance adherence and ensure medications are taken consistently, on time, and safely. See the reverse side of this flyer for more information on our MedPack. We recommend 28-day durations of supply in MedPack.
There is no additional cost, only a commitment from the home care nursing staff and the patient, to collaborate with us to optimize their medication therapy. There is no cost for MedPack, or local home delivery. Patients enrolled must merely cover the cost of their medications.
You can call us directly, our contact info is on the reverse side of this flyer, or refer a patient of yours to us via our HIPAA-compliant patient referral form found on our website at www.wrightwayltc.com.
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