Expert Consulting

Expert Pharmacist Consulting - Clinton, Lyons, Sterling

Wrightway LTC Pharmacy's consultant pharmacists have received advanced training in geriatric pharmacotherapy, and we're poised to deliver value through that expertise to your residents. Our consultants visit your skilled nursing facility monthly to perform Medication Regimen Reviews for every resident, and additionally review newly admitted residents at the point of admittance. In keeping your resident's welfare in mind, we apply therapeutic logic with clinical standards of care for geriatrics, and work with the other providers involved to make sure health outcomes are being attained or at minimum optimized. We seek to reduce unnecessary medication utilization, reduce doses to the minimum effective dose to limit exposure, and ensure the safe and effective delivery of therapies at your facility.

Our consultants make recommendations directly to your facility's director of nursing, or directly to the provider managing the resident's care, per facility preference.


Our consultant pharmacists field questions formally and informally, and are at your disposal should you contract with Wrightway LTC Pharmacy.


In addition to the monthly Medication Regimen Review, we additionally participate regularly in your facility's Quality Improvement meetings, where a review of all matters relevant to your residents and facility is conducted.


We harness one of the industry leader's in pharmacy software to provide your facility with robust reporting on psychotropic utilization, average medication count per patient, and BEERs list medication utilization, amongst others.