Our Statements

Our staff at Wrightway LTC Pharmacy realizes that healthcare costs can be a daunting financial matter, and we want to do our best to ensure that you receive complete, concise, and accurate billing statements for you or your loved on in skilled nursing care. Although we have control over what happens internally here at the pharmacy, we cannot control the prices set for you by your rescription drug coverage. Your prescription drug coverage should be providing you or your loved one with an Explanation of Benefits that illustrates your covered and non-covered costs. As a requirement for participation as a provider in your prescription drug coverage's provider network, we have a number of regulations we must abide by, including our inability to change the amount of your copayments. We realize that your coverages can be confusing, and in the case of Medicare Part D, change throughout the year. We'll do our very best to help field your questions, but recommend that you call your prescription drug coverage as your first reference, they're best equipped to field your questions.

Our billing department is here to help, and encourage you to contact us if you feel there has been an inaccuracy in what we've billed to you in copayments. To help with your interpretation of our billing statements, please see the example shown below.


  1. This is the date we dispensed your prescription. Please note that billing may take place on a different date for prescriptions dispensed to residents of skilled nursing facilities, which means your EOB may illustrate a different claim date. This is normal.
  2. This is the prescription number associated with the medication we dispensed to you.
  3. This is the quantity of medication we dispensed to you. Depending on the product, it could be in reference to milliliters, tablets, capsules, or grams.
  4. This is the description of the medication we dispensed to you. Keep in mind that as generics become available, most insurances mandate their dispensing, when authorized by your insurance, so if you're used to seeing a brand name medication on your statement each month, it may disappear in lieu of a newly available generic equivalent.
  5. This is the cost of the prescription due from you. This could be a prescription copayment determined by your insurance, or it could be the total cost of the product, if it's a product your insurance does not cover. **Please Note: because insurances commonly have deductibles and different phases (as in the case of Medicare Part D), it's not uncommon for this value to change month to month. Additionally, the drug industry has become very volatile, and if your insurance forwards percentage copayments to you, if the cost of the medication increased industry wide, you naturally would have to pay a larger percentage of the newly inflated price. We have no control over this at the pharmacy, our obligation to your insurance is contractual, and we cannot make your copayments consistent or change them in any way after billing. If you feel you've received an incorrect price on account of an error on our behalf here at the pharmacy, please place an inquiry with our billing department.***
  6. If you haven't paid off your previous statement's balance in full, you may have had a balance forwarded to this month's statement. This amount will appear in this field.
  7. These are the charges you've accrued during the prior month.
  8. This is the total amount due from you, which includes charged from the prior month, and months prior to that if you haven't paid off previous statements in full.

If you have further questions about your billing statement, please don't hesitate to contact our billing department, either online or via telephone at 563-242-0626.