Our Receipts

If you're a Wrightway Chronic Care Client, and have received a receipt with your prescriptions, please see the information below for an explanation of the illustrated costs.


  1. This is your copayment, or the portion of the medication's cost your insurance coverage has forwarded to you.
  2. This is the usual and customary (U & C) price for the medication, and what was billed to your insurance. The pharmacy is not paid this, but must maintain a usual and customary pricing basis for all medications. Insurances reimburse us off of different industry driven prices, pursuant to our contractual agreement with them.
  3. This is the name and quantity of the medication or product you received.
  4. This is the National Drug Code (NDC) of the medication or product you received.

If you have further questions about your receipt, please don't hesitate to contact our billing department, either online or via telephone at 563-242-0626.