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WRIGHTWAY was created to meet the ongoing pharmaceutical needs of Clinton’s growing senior population. As the focus of our business, we make sure that you, your loved ones and caregivers receive the level of service you need and deserve. We are dedicated to serving you and meeting your prescription needs - today, tomorrow and into the future. It’s all about building a relationship - so let us know how we can make you happy and comfortable!

At Wrightway LTC Pharmacy, our pharmacists and staff provide advocacy 24/7 to ensure your residents and nursing staff receive the highest quality, most reliable service. We want all involved on-site at your facility to feel comfortable that they’re in good hands with Wrightway. Our services are comprehensive, and have been structured to meet and exceed industry benchmarks for long-term care pharmacies. Our services are meant strictly for long-term care settings, and as a result, we’ve been able to leverage technologies that complement those settings, which make your relationship with Wrightway one that you can count on bringing your facility business. Our reputation speaks for itself, you can rely on us!

Our suite of services included:

  • Formulary Management of Medications.
  • Facility Break-Out Billing by Category.
  • Expert Consulting with Survey Advocacy.
  • Multi-Drug Adherence-Packaging (MedPack).
  • Fully Paperless eMAR (QuickMAR).
  • Sterile IV Preparation.
  • Complementary Prescription Delivery.
  • Fast 24/7 On-Call Services.
  • Non-Pharmaceutical Supply Service.
  • Direct to insurance plan, resident, family, or other POA billing.
  • Vast knowledge of the drug insurance industry.

Our website offers the following HIPAA-Compliant data entry resources to your administrative and nursing staff, and to residents and their families:

  • Prescription Re-Order
  • Admission’s Demographic Data
  • Resident Insurance Information
  • Online Bill Pay

Custom Prescription Schedules

Long Term Care Pharmacy - Clinton, Lyons, Sterling

We offer custom unit dosing by the month or the week. Just tell us the dispensing frequency that meets your needs and we will schedule it

Dependable Prescription Delivery

Prescription Management - Clinton, Lyons, Sterling

Ask about our handy 24-hour prescription services and on-call pharmacist designated to deal with emergencies and late night admittees to your facility

Consultant Pharmacist Services

Consultant Pharmacist - Clinton, Lyons, Sterling

Our pharmacist staff are trained in geriatric pharmacology. Ask for their advice about all aspects of medication regimes from therapeutic to economic

Non Pharmaceutical Needs

Medical Delivery Services - Clinton, Lyons, Sterling

Let us supply you with a host of non-pharmaceutical products including incontinent supplies, cushions, IV & enteral supplies, personal care, supplements and more

Who we serve

Since 1946, Wagner Pharmacy Company has been serving the pharmaceutical needs of Clinton’s elderly. As a fixture in the community for over 60 years, we pride ourselves on offering the highest level of patient and facility service in the region. In 2007, we branched off of our parent company to create a more senior care focused pharmacy, called Wrightway LTC Pharmacy. As our elder populations steadily grow, we felt the change was necessary to focus our efforts on these key patients, and make sure they get the special attention they deserve. Our services are many, and while they are very patient centric, the benefits to the facilities we serve are also undeniable. Read on and see what Wrightway LTC Pharmacy can do for your patients and your facility.
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Assisted Living Communities
  • Intermediate Care
  • Mental Health Programs
  • Home Health Care